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have a wonderful day. take care. caption by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> shannon: ban on bucks, as the rebels regain control of key cities in libya and push west to the nation capital, democratic congressman dennis kucinich speaks out. he wants to ban all funding from u.s. operations in that country. we ask him why live. nuclear mistake. operators say a strike in radioactivity that prompted evacuation wasn't accurate. after an error like that, can information from japan about the nuclear reactors be trusted? budget battle. at the beginning of the 112 congress, two freshmen from opposite sides of the aisle promise to work together but with another budget battle looming, can they do it? we talk to the two lawmakers again live. all of that, plus a scandal
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involving the new york city fire department. should the city be forced to pay money to those who couldn't pass the entrance exam? i'm breech breech and america's news headquarters from the nation's capital starts right now -- i'm shannon bream and america's news headquarters from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin in japan. the spike in radiation level that led to evacuation was just a mistake. we have the latest. >> reporter: it was a breach coming from the authorities this sunday and we heard an official say that the radiation in water at the plant went to 10 million levels, that would be a catastrophic meltdown scenario numbers. fortunately, it was nowhere near that. radiation levels in the water have spiked four times now and that caused evacuation again in the restoration crews who are dealing with the reactor number two. where we got the --
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[ audio interruption ] around the plant. the plant is not entirely sure where exactly the leak is coming from, whether it's coming from the cooling system or coming from within that. because the workers can only go in at 15 minutes at a time, it makes at it slow protest. we hear from the petco officials, that is the utility company managing the plant, saying that the radioactive substances are in reactor water at all four of the troubled reactor plants now. suggesting that fuel rods have been either exposed or damaged. they have to contain that. at the moment, they deal with the cooling crisis and they have to keep rods cool. that is a difficult job. they were using sea water and that's causing corossive effect on the fa facility and now using fresh water to contain the situation. the u.s. watchdog, atomic watchdog says it will be months before the crisis is solved. >> shannon: dominic, live for us from japan. thank you very much. in libya now.
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anti-gaddafi forces are taking full advantage of coalition airstrikes. and they did retake a key oil town today. they are pushing west from the stronghold in eastern libya. senior correspondent rick leventhal is live in benghazi, libya, with the latest. hello, rick. >> reporter: shannon, the opposition fighters are so confident now after reclaiming two very strategic oil port and refining cities that they say they can resume oil exports and produce 100 to 130,000 barrels of oil a day and could begin exporting that. they say up to 300,000 barrels a day can be exported and they have a contract with qatar to begin doing that this week. all of it, they say, to the coalition airstrike from the nato fighter jets. we have video from a british royal air force jet today shooting at a tank on the ground in ajdabiya, which the opposition fighters reclaimed on saturday. you see how quickly the jets are taking aim and dispatching
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the armor which has been preventing the opposition fighters that were reclaiming the cities. they moved from ajdabiya toward brega and ras lanouf. we're told that the gaddafi forces disintegrating and retreating because of the pummeling they get from the nato fighter jets. another video of tanks that are not destroyed but damaged and loaded on the tractor-trailers and hauled back to benghazi and other locations to be repurposeed. the rebel fighters say they will fix the tanks and hope to use them themselveses in the coming days and weeks. >> shannon: it could be an interesting turn of events there. rick leventhal live on the scene. thank you for update. joining us now is dr. mansore. and he is from the university of texas-san antonio.
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welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: i want to ask you, because there has been so many questions about the opposition at this point and the current conflict going on in libya. what can you tell us and what should we understand about who the rebels are? >> first, difference between rebel and freedom fighter. rebels are the oppressor. this is a problem with the revolution that we see in libya. there is no single leader. it's just people who are fed up on the government oppression for 40 years. they just rose up. people just rose up and see this happening. this is difficult because they rise up. most of them are really ordinary people who are just sick and tired of being oppressed for 40 years. this is who they are. >> shannon: doctor, basing theme in ousting gaddafi one way or the other, who do you
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think steps in to fill the void? who is in line to replace him? >> listen, right now, they have eastern part of libya. they have established a government. they are working on developing a system, structure and they have semi-parliament if you like. and the ministry, the ministries already. so they are trying to position themselves and fill the void. but it will take time to remove gaddafi and come back to normal. for 40 years, it's an effect on society. especially a dictatorship. so, this is a learning process. there are some problems but in tepid they learn after 40 years of oppression not have it again. >> shannon: your father was the first prime minister in libya. how have you seen the country change in the last four decades? >> well, you know, it was difficult even then. after when my father --
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[ inaudible ] and libya used from under the italian rule with 99.6% illiteracy. poorest country in the world. the major export of the country was metals. from tanks during the war. you know, some oil came in. beginning of the development. some infrastructure was developing. they came to power. he made them poor and -- [ inaudible ] libya is trying to go catch up. catch up with 15 years of backwardness. >> shannon: where do you see the conflict playing out right now? do you feel like the tide turned one way or another in the past couple of days? >> oh, yes. believe me, you have no idea how appreciative i am to the
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coalition and for taking the first step. it was two hours away, two hours away from seeing the death of 25 to 30,000 people. including my family. my home was only two hours away. no doubt, i have no doubt about that. libyans are determined to remove them and establish the democratic society in libya. >> shannon: all right, doctor, thank you for sharing your special insight that you have. i know you are watching as the rest of the world is as well. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> shannon: mideast unrest is spreading. at least 12 people kill and hundreds injured in violence in syria. unrest continues in yemen as the protesters try to end the 32-year rule of president ali abdullah saleh. leland vittert is live with more on the situations as they play out. hello. >> reporter: also here in israel, the violence continues. for the first time, the
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israeli military deployed the iron dem to try to protect at least one -- iron dome to try to protect at least one city from missiles. they have been shelling rockets here in southern israeli towns for the past week now. the israeli air force responded. there has been a number of funerals inside gaza for militants who were killed, including at least one today who was a would-be rock tier, who the israeli jets fired at before the rocket could be launched. hamas seems to play a narrow line're and try to continue to harass the jewish state and not provoke the unbelievable all-out response and assault that happened during the gaza war a couple of years ago. to israel's north, we have the syrian situation. where at least 100 people have died. the army is now in the street. this is difficult for the international media to get in there and cover the pro-democracy protests against the syrian strong men. now we hear the group hezbollah is possibly being
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used to come across the border from lebanon and help the syrians put down this revolution. in an attempt to keep arms flowing from iran there is a key u.s. allay in the war on terror that everyone is trying to keep an eye on. the problem there again, shannon, trying to get legitimate media organizations in to places like yemen, in to places like syria, where we can see what is happening on the ground. in the case of syria for example, we have their government spokes people saying this is what happened. then witnesses going around telling us of them killing protesters. >> shannon: thank you. the taliban claimed to have kidnapped 50 afghan policemen in the northeast part of the country. provincial police chief confirm militant ambushed and captured several dozen men. the men just finished their
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training to join the national police force. so now to massive demonstrations involving more than 250,000 people brought the city to a standstill. firefighters, nurses, teachers and other public sector workers joined a demonstration against the government spending cuts. scattered violence and a handful of protesters took out anger on the central london shops. current and former politicians are remembering america ferrera -- are memberring geraldine ferraro. tune in for our special geraldine ferraro, hosted by greta van susteren. police are still searching for a tourist missing after an avalanche there. officials say a group of 11 people were snow shoeing and ski when the avalanche happened. four of them were killed and another five were rushed to
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local hospitals. the clean-up continues today in central california after two rounds of flooding in just days. water covered roads and flooded people's yards and homes. so far, no report of any injury. california is dealing with flooding but midwest has spring snow. meteorologist rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center. is it spring yet? >> it doesn't feel like it for many people. we have had rain and snow. california has been pummeled in the last few weeks with so much rain now the storm track is moving farther north. central california, southern california, dry out this week. that is nice. see the rain and the very heavy mountain snow continuing across the pacific northwest. today, a little light snow across kansas. nothing to worry about. then across part of the south. big storms that are looming. you can see the line of storms here.
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there is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 5:00 p.m. until they are sinking south. this is where we have a chance for severe weather from northern louisiana to arkansas. across georgia an panhandle and you can't rule out an isolated tornado. >> shannon: thank you for updating us. >> you bet. >> shannon: back in january, the lawmakers said they would reach across the aisle to work together. now with a government shutdown on the line again is bipartisan possible? with will ask a pair of freshman congressman about their pledge after this break. >> as a democrat, i'm not going to reach across the aisle. i will sit on the other side of the aisle. >> you hear democrats and republicans and we talk about the same problems. ♪ ♪ ♪ come together ♪ right now
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>> shannon: libyan rebel forces gained control of another key territory brega. the main oil export terminal of the country. this is as president obama puts the finishing touches on tomorrow's speech that he will make to the american people about libya. secretary of state hillary
12:18 pm
clinton and robert gates hit the airway to talk about the conflict. caroline shively is following it and joining us with more. >> hi there. big question about the end game. secretary of state robert gates says the department of defense begun planning how to draw down resources in libya but it may not start in the next day or two but expects it in the near future. he didn't have an end date saying no one knew if the operation would go on at the end of the year. nato is meeting to discuss if they will continue the no-fly zone. that is what the u.s. wants. but the information is facing questions as to why getvod in libya and stay out of places like syria. here is secretary of state hillary clinton. >> when it comes to libya, we started hearing from the u.k., france, italy. other of our nato allies. this was in their national interest. we said we have to act.
12:19 pm
or we're seeing a violent upheaval with a man with a history of unpredictable violent acts on our doorstep. >> gates said libya did not pose threat to the u.s. but there was a bigger picture to go to libya. revolution to the east and west. >> you had potentially destabilizing event taking place in libya that put at risk potentially the revolution in tunisia and egypt. that was a consideration we took in account. >> as far as gaddafi would stay in power, gates said i wouldn't hang up any new pictures. >> shannon: thank you. government shutdown looming two fridays from now and the question from capitol hill is how can congress find a compromise to face a week dominated by libya. joining us now are david
12:20 pm
swichert and hanson clark to talk about a little of bipartisanship we hope. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. welcome to detroit. >> shannon: all right. congressman clark i start with you do you think you said earlier that would haven't to cross the aisle, you would be in the middle of the aisle to work on the difficult issues. how do you see it playing out? the clock is ticking. >> as long as we stay focused on serving the public we will find common ground to serve people. i literally sat on the republican side of the aisle. i have good friends like dave on the show with us and dave has great ideas about how to keep people in their homes, avoid foreclosures, save the property values. i will work with him on the initiative. keeping an open mind and staying grounded that the goal is not the politics but serving the public. we can work together. we have to for the sake of
12:21 pm
america. >> congressman, let me ask you about the specifics. where are areas that you think you can find the compromise talking about the entitlement or defense spending? what should be up for discussion? >> i think hanson has become my friend from michigan. but much of our great frustration in the house is trying to figure out who is in charge of the u.s. senate. let's think about this. we have done the continuing resolution until the end of the year. two-week, three-week. and we don't seem to have a partner to work on this in the senate. in a couple of weeks, the 2012 budget will be released and that is a working dock minute, the one with the policy. hanson being minority or myself being a freshman, we can go to the floor and we can participate in amendments and the open process that is something that didn't exist in
12:22 pm
the last four years. that is the biggest reach. making the process more open. more bipartisan. >> shannon: do you think republicans are willing to tackle specifics, like entitlement and defense spending? >> i don't think we have a choice. if you think about february, we borrowed $8 billion a day and we have people fussing at us over $2 billion a week cut. we need america to put new battery in the call caw -- calculator and send it to the senate to get them to work with us on the debt monster coming at us. >> shannon: there are a few things highlighted here, as your colleague pointed out. a new budget will be unveiled and worked on. we are working on the funding for the current year.
12:23 pm
are you willing to do a short-term measure? if not, how does it get resolved? >> the only way to resolve the budget problem, and the debt is a problem. we have countries that we owe money to. government borrowing at this expense drives up, has a tendency to drive up the interest rate. the way we fix budget problem we have to look at the long-term overall view of budget. our costs are driven by the healthcare cost. the best way to reduce the debt is keep them healthier to balance the budget and reduce our overall debt there will be a way for us to do this, but we have to work decisively now. in this calendar year, because the sooner we address the growth of the overall debt the less likely we take stringent
12:24 pm
measures the debt creeling is over $14 trillion and we could hit it as soon as next month. we have to come to some decision how we deal with the debt right away. let's not make the small deep cuts to hurt the job training and stop the kids from going to college and prevent people from getting the healthcare they need. we need to look at the overall big picture driven by the healthcare cost and democratic of an older population living longer. the high cost of the medical technology. we have to rein those costs in and look at how we raise revenue in a big projected long-term picture. >> shannon: we know there is bipartisan agreement on the issue of the debt. how you get about tackling it, we know devil is in the details. congressman clark and swhiekert thank you for joining us. >> thank you. great opportunity. dave, i love working with you, you are a great guy.
12:25 pm
we'll come to common ground. i know that. >> shannon: thank you, both. some american heros are catching up with their families. the third pa toion marines deployed last august and came home to northeast ohio where they were greeted by the anxious family members. >> i have been speaking for the past two days. seriously, for past two days. so it's great to have them come home. >> it's so good. knowing they are in one piece and not a hair missing on him. >> shannon: every member of the weapons company came home thankfully. we can never thank the troops or their families enough. call for worldwide review of nuclear reactor. we tuke a man that experienced d the worst nuke disaster in history, three mile island firsthand. he's right up after the break. [ malannouncer ] 95% of all americans
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>> shannon: people in japan are growing more upset and impatient about the ongoing radiation leak in the damaged fukushima nuclear plant. bottom of the hour. peter doocy has the top of the news. hi peter. >> that's right, shannon. more than 500 protesters gathered in central tokyo today to call for an end to nuclear power amid fears of radiation contamination for the damaged fukushima dai-ichi plant. radiation has been seeping from the troubled plant after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck two weeks ago. libyan rebels taken over the town on a trek to tripoli. they have been able to move west without challenge from government forces since coalition airstrikes began. millions of retired and disabled people in the u.s. may not see a big change in the social security checks. the government is projecting only a slight increase in the cost of living adjustment yet again next year. rising medicare premiums will
12:31 pm
likely wipe out increases. officials are on the hunt for poisonous snake at the bronx zoo. it cot loose but they believe it's still inside the reptile exhibit building. hope so. top story. back to you. >> shannon: that's how many hundreds of miles away? i'm still not going to sleep tonight. a scary cobra picture. >> i can't offer you protection from the snake. >> shannon: i thought you were a snake charmer. >> just play one on tv. >> shannon: thank you. back to japan. the government revealed a number of misstep made by the operator of the troubled fukushima nuclear plant and officials say the issues include the workers being sent in the plant without proper protective footwear. it comes as they rush to remove the contaminated water from the facility. and replace it with the fresh water. it has been leaking radiation since the massive earthquake and tsunami this month. tomorrow marks the
12:32 pm
anniversary of the worst nuclear crisis in history. partial meltdown of three-mile island. mike was a resident when the accident happened and serves as the news director at a local radio station and forced to balance role of a frustration citizen and objective journalist as this played out. he's now a host on the raidio in pittsburgh and joins us live to share his story. mike, thank you for your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: when i hear about your story, it's amazing to me. you heard traffic on the radio and you called over, a one-chance happening and got on a phone call in the control room of the plant. what happened? >> well, you know, the call was actually by mistake. i thought there was a fire on the island and there was a fire and fire equipment was called in. i told the guy who i was, and he said i can't talk now. i have a problem. indeed they did.
12:33 pm
to following that he said there is no fire equipment on the island. the accident begin at 4:00 in the morning but four hours later they still hadn't told anybody outside about this. i got the main headquarters on the line. i got the p.r. guy. asked for the p.r. guy. they said he is in a meeting. at that point, you talk about the frustration, i was angry. i knew something was wrong. i said get him out of the meeting. i want to know what is going on. the spin control began immediately. there is no danger off-site, everything is under control and the reactor has shut down. that wasn't true. >> shannon: do you worry as we see the situation in japan, there are multiple reactors under close watch. we get information there is radiation and varyinglems whether it's dangerous or not, what the levels of radiation are. are you having a flashback on
12:34 pm
this? >> a great one. if it weren't for the fact that the japan was hit by tsunami, earthquake and multiple reactors in crisis now, everything else is playing out the way it did at three mile island. all the misinformation. i would say outright lying certainly in the case of three mile island. spin control. confusion, false report. i remember a couple days in the incident they made an announcement an uncontrolled release of radiation, panicked the city of harrisburg. turned out to be false. so confusing and stressful. you are sitting there and i try to report the fact but i live in five minutes of the plant. i'm frightened for my life and i'm angry because i'm not getting the truth. we are being lied to. similar, very, very much in deja vu moment for me. >> shannon: we know that folks will recognize the
12:35 pm
anniversary as we watch and hope and pray for folks in ja -- japan as well. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> shannon: georgia community is coming together today to honor an officer killed in the line of duty. two officers were shot questioning a suspect about an alleged kidnapping. the other officer is recovering from his injury. police arrested jamie hood friday and say he is the man that shot the officers. he surrendered after taking five people hostage including a 13-year-old girl. the latest number show that the law enforcement deaths like this are on the rise. eric holder focused on this spike last week with visiting police chief and doug mckelway reports. >> like war, law enforcement is described as long period of boredom punctuated with moments of sheer terror. last year, moment of terror experienced like this one from jason daniels of ohio rose
12:36 pm
dramatically. after a two-year decline, last year was the deadliest year for law enforcement in two decades. officer deaths up 40%. 126 of them were killed in firearm fatalities of officers increased by nearly 25%. it shows no sign of slowing. >> this year, we are on track to exceed numbers that we saw last year. we are not three full months in 2011 and we have lost 48 law enforcement officers. >> this week, they called the police chief around the country from washington to examine the troubling trend, one that defies the pattern in the general population. where violent crime and murder is declining. among them, there is no clear consensus for the cause. >> we have repeat violent offenders who are involved repeatedly and killed in the line of duty. we have people with mental health issues. it's not just one thing.
12:37 pm
combination of things that are concerning. >> some say it's the increasing fire power of suspects. >> there are a lot of specialized weapons out here. that take law enforcement lives. >> others dismiss that. >> this is not ak-47 or high capacity magazines. >> whatever the cost, they are detecting a new level of brazenness. man entered police station in detroit in january and fired randomly. or the arizona suspect arrested with a cd containing the faces of personal information of 30 officers obtained from facebook. police long known in some communities the officers is seen as the enemy and it can be fair game for desperate people. some fear we are witnessing the mainstreaming of the societal dysfunction in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. >> shannon: is new newt gingrich running for president? today on "fox news sunday" chris wallace wanted to get to the bottom of the rumors. >> you have been, gormy me,
12:38 pm
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is warmth, redness, itching, or tingling of the skin. [ knock on door ] oops...i gotta go. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about adding niaspan. fight back. fight plaque. love you, daddy. i think within a month we'll have it taken care of and we'll be running. we are not yet running. we are looking at it carefully there are a variety of reasons to do it in a methodical way. >> shannon: former house speaker newt gingrich will not confirm he is running in 2012 but most think all signs lead to yes. he sat down with anchor chris wallace for exclusive interview. i have caught up with chris earlier today for a preview. chris, you started off the show today with someone who is interesting. quite a character to a lot of people, maybe in the 2012 presidential race, which you talked about. newt gingrich. but you started out with the issue of libya. he is taking heat for what some people see as a flip-flop
12:43 pm
on the issue. >> i have to say he explained it a couple of times and i still don't understand it. basically, on march 7, he was talking to greta and she asked him, all she said is what about libya? he said we would impose a no-fly zone right away. then the last week, when we have the no-fly zone, he was on the "today show" and said i wouldn't have intervened at all. a lot of people say -- citks say when obama does something he is against him and when he doesn't do something he is against him. the explanation is once obama said gaddafi must go he had to intervene. i don't understand why this week when we did intervene. >> shannon: he was confusing. folks should watch for themselves. he is in the spotlight because he could be on the radar in 2012, in the midst of making a decision. >> i think he basically said
12:44 pm
i'm running. he said wait a month and i'll be running. he said to me, this is a legal process. there is a bunch of stuff to do with the private companies and things like that. i don't think -- i was a skeptic about whether he was going to run. i think he is running and he just hired rick perry, the governor of texas' hot shot campaign manager who i think is going to play a big role, if not the campaign manager in his campaign. i don't think he hires him and i don't think rick perry's campaign manager comes on if he -- i think he is running. >> shannon: you had a discussion on what people think will be big issue, issues of morality of his past. >> it's interesting. i hate talking about it. you know, we all have things that we don't want to talk about. but it is an issue. so i did ask him. particularly about the answer he gave. because he was talking to the christian broadcast network a few weeks ago and asked about it. he said look, i was feeling --
12:45 pm
i seem so patriotic about my country. i was working so hard. things happened that shouldn't. i know a lot of people, including my wife, thought it was a pretty lame excuse, oh, yeah, honey, i'm feel something patriotic about the country i decided to go off with another woman. there is difficulty scanning that. he was forth right and said i made a mistake and i sinned. i'm in a happy marriage now. people have to judge that. it's legitimate to judge it. one thing he said that i found moving is he said the fact i'm willing to answer the questions, as i have to, should show you how deeply i feel about the country and i could contribute. there are people going to say i'm wrong to ask it and people won't be satisfied with the answer but he is willing to answer the tough questions and he says he knows it's a dialogue we have to go through as part of the discussion about newt gingrich's fitness to be president. >> shannon: fascinating interview with him and much
12:46 pm
more on the show. thank you for the preview. >> you bet. as chris mentioned former house speaker newt gingrich spoke candidly about the personal life. you can catch the entire interview today on fox news, 2:00 p.m. eastern after america's news headquarters. we've got a winner. well, seven of them actually. wait until you hear how much money one group of government employees is going to take home in huge lottery winnings. a yearly tradition in washington. thed 99th annual national cherry blossom festival began with a sol lum tribute this time around -- solemn tribute this time around. fundraising walk and tribute to earthquake victims in tsunami. japan gave the beautiful trees as a gift to the united states in 1912. they say the friendship between the countries is a symbol of japan's rebirth and rebuilding. ♪ okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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12:50 pm
>> shannon: some of the top stories we're following right now on america's news headquarters. as rebels push back today against gaddafi forces, nato will decide whether to expand airstrikes over libya. the u.s. has been leading limited strikes for past week. reports on the ground suggest the airstrikes have been
12:51 pm
tipping the balance of favor back in favor of the rebels. syria's army is now if streets all across the country after 12 people were killed in a seaside town. syria state run news agency says unknown armed elements attacked neighborhoods shooting from group tops. eyewitnesses say they're likely supporters of the leader's regime. and dozens have been killed since the start of pro-democracy protests there less than two weeks ago. seven is a lucky number for a group of new york state government workers. that is how many of them will split $319 million they won in friday megamillion. they bought the ticket from a store in albany. those are the top stories right now. it's been 18 years since the u.s. intervened in a violent civil war in somalia. although, the u.s. is no longer there, the civil war continues. most americans probably don't know the east african leader lives in the u.s. buffalo, new york, to be exact. julie banderas has that story. hi, julie. >> reporter: hi, shannon. with al-qaeda linked terrorists lurking in somalia,
12:52 pm
and pirates preying on commercial ships offshore, the streets in the war torn country are some of the most dangerous in the world. but prime minister mohamed is fighting to change all this. >> we will regain our land. our identity. and our dignity from the extremists. we will not compromise our children. >> reporter: while prime minister mohamed leads the transitional federal government in somalia, his wife and four children live in buffalo, new york. mohamed sought asylum in buffalo in somalia's civil war in 1991. he went to college, started his career and began a family there. in october last year, he was appointed prime minister and chose his cabinet. >> i learned a lot. i was in new york politics which prepared me to go to somalia and try to solve the problem in somalia.
12:53 pm
but this is a different animal. we are dealing with al-qaeda. >> mohem -- mohamed said the rare visits to buffalo are precious. >> my husband -- [ inaudible ] because he always wanted to do the job. the last time i said go ahead. you save somalia. >> reporter: the children are proud of their dad's sacrifice. but miss him terribly. especially his fun side. >> he is a goofy guy. he seems serious but he is really goofy. we miss him a lot. we miss him telling us to pick stuff up off the floor. >> reporter: it will take strong leadership to clean up the mess in somalia where the prime minister says failure is not an option. shannon? >> shannon: all right, julie. thank you very much. >> rerporter: sure. >> shannon: one week in operation odyssey dawn america wonders how long the u.s. will bevod in the conflict in libya.
12:54 pm
we get reaction from a member of the senate armed services committee, senator kay hagin from north carolina. later, we will talk to a fiery democrat who wants to ban federal funding for the operation. ohio congressman dennis kucinich will join us live. [ female announcer ] it's time to raise the bar and replace your old mayo with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. ♪ made with half the fat and calories of hellmann's real mayo... ...kraft mayo with olive oil is the new standard in mayo. what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks.
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[ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. despite the situation in libya and nuclear fears in japan the stock market had its best finish in months but could the hot streak be short lived?
12:58 pm
brenda buttner with more on the story. hi, brenda. >> you might think wall street wasn't watching the world. all the headlines and wall street goes up? the dow its best week since july. the broad market, the nasdaq, all three u.s. measures made up with the losses during the previous week with japan's radiation scare. since the protests erupted in egypt the dow was up 2%. you might ask what would happen on wall street with good news? >> put this in perspective. the number of buyers and sellers was very light on friday and stocks have gone very far very fast. since the current bull started running two years ago, stocks have about doubled in value. it would be a fall of 10% would not be surprising. then there are the head winds the market faces. oil heading higher. who knows where the mid east fighting will take it. here at home that means more than gas is going higher, too.
12:59 pm
that is the direction of food prices. global food hitting a price record last month. what is not going up, home prices and consumer confidence and unemployment remains stubbornly high. we will get the latest read on how many americans found jobs last month next week. investors will watch that and they may start watching finally all the world headlines too, as well. >> brenda buttner with the latest from new york. thank you, brenda. >> thanks. the obama administration has been eager to hand off more responsibility in libya to nato around today nato's top decision-making body meets to expand its enforcement to include air strikes against libyan ground targets. that had been under u.s. command. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now.
1:00 pm
qaddafi forces are taking full advantage of the coalition air strikes and today -- antiqaddafi forces. senior current rick levinthal is live in benghazi with the latest. hello, rick. >> reporter: shannon, to call this a dramatic turn of events would be an understatement. it was 8 days ago the qaddafi tanks were in southern benghazi shelling across the street from our hotel. since then the nato fighter jets have been pushing them back and destroying tanks along the way. 100 miles south of benghazi down to ajdabiya. there were a number of towns in qaddafi troop's control have now returned to the hands of opposition fighters including a key oil refinery and storage facility city where according to the rebels they can now begin producing oil and exporting it to neighbors. we saw a gun camera video from royal fighter yets that showed
1:01 pm
outages easily they are destroying the thanks from sen celebrations sen where the rebels climb ton top of the tanks and fire weapons in the air and displaying victory signs. they are now 330-miles from tripoli. they can't obviously move no the capital city unless they get continued support from the skies but the coalition support seems to be coming. as they move through the towns when they see the tanks if they are disabled but not destroyed they are lowering them on to tractor trailer flat beds and bringing them to benghazi and other places to try to retool the tanks and put them back to work are for the other side. shannon, battles continue but it appears that the opposition fighters are making pretty dramatic progress here. >> shannon: rick live from libya with the latest. thank you very much, rick. it has been more than a week since operation odyssey dawn began but how long should the u.s. be involved in the
1:02 pm
conflict? joining us is kay hagan. senator, thank you for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: i want to ask you, first of all, how you felt about the president moving ahead. many on both sides of the aisle have been critical about him taking the action in libya without coming to you first in congress and what do you feel about the level of involvement now that operations are underway? >> well, we did have a closed briefing, the senators didnd at u.n. security council did issue a resolution going forward with the no flight zone. and the president needed to take action to prevent bloodshed in the streets. when you see colonel qaddafi actually saying he is going to go from house to house, the atrocities that have been committed needed to be stopped and that is why we went forward. and i did want to highlight the north carolina marines based at
1:03 pm
p lejeune and cherry point. we have 1600 marines from north carolina fighting this fight and they were able to rescue the f-15 fighteer pilots that ejected due to the malfunctioning of the aircraft within three he hours in the middle of the night and the weapons officer was also rescued by the people in libya and those individuals are safe and with the americans. >> shannon: senator, we are so happy about that. i had the distinct privilege of living in north carolina for a few years and met many of the troops and their wonderful families. we know that so much a fabric of part of the state there. how concerned are you about how thin some say our military is being stretched not only in libya but the ongoing situations in iraq and afghanistan and the world as well? >> since you lived in north carolina you know that north carolina is the most military friendly state in the nation and we need to give our thanks every day to these brave men and women putting themselves
1:04 pm
forward to protect others. i think we will hear from the president tomorrow night in his address to the nation concerning libya. and we obviously do not want to have this to be a protracted drawn out situation. our focus needs to be on afghanistan where we have 100,000 troops that are fighting that fight. and that is where our focus should be. but we certainly needed to prevent the atrocities from colonel qaddafi of slaughtering his own innocent civilians. >> shannon: what are your expectations for the president's speech tomorrow night? what does he need to say to you as a member of congress and more broadly to the america people about what is going on in libya? >> shannon, i serve on the senate armed services committee and chairman on the subcommittee on emerging threats and we will be meeting next week talking about libya and putting forward strategies but i think it is premature to say and i think we will all be attuned to what the president has to say tomorrow night.
1:05 pm
>> shannon: all right. senator hagan, we thank you very much, out of north carolina. we thank the many troops that we know you represent there around their families as well. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: well, lawmakers are still trying to work out a long-term budget to fund the government, congress returns to washington in week i and a numr of top republican ares are said they are through with the short-term measures aimed at preventing another government shutdown, two weeks here, four weeks there, they want a long-term solution. for more about that here is peter doocy. >> new york senator schumer feels that both parties will be able to make a deal for the budget the rest of the fiscal year as soon as they stop blasting democrats and start moving away from the newest members. the speaker knows his problem is with the tea party, not democrats. instead of lashing out at democrats we hope house republicans will finally stand up to the tea party and resume the negotiations that had seemed so full of promise.
1:06 pm
i had a chance to ask senator john mccain from arizona if the tea party really is the problem here and he said no that their ideas should be incorporated because he said that is what the people want. >> tea partyers are an important part of our base. they were important in the last election and we can't ignore their message and their message is clearly that they want significant spending cuts and stop mortgaging our children's futures. republicans should be neither embarrassed nor concerned, we should be carrying that message. >> so the left and the right obviously still have different ideas about what should be included in the upcoming budget even house and senate were both off this past week, the clock kept ticking and april 8 the friday after next is the to either make a deal or let the government shutdown.
1:07 pm
shannon? >> shannon: we will keep watching as it plays out. thank you. at least 12 people killed and hundreds injured in violence in syria and israeli air strikes killed two palestinian militants in the gaza strip. leland vitter is live in jerusalem with more on the many situations. hello, leland. >> right now there is a new israeli weapons system called the iron dome that is trying to protect parts of southern israel from the militants launching mortar shells and also rockets here into the towns in southern israel. only one town that right now is protected but the israelis say they have to do something against what is coming across from gaza. also the israeli air force is not standing by. we have seen a number of funerals of gaza militants that have died in israeli air strike attacks including one would be rocketeer killed before he was able to launch his rocket into israel. hamas seems to be walking a fine line trying to not really
1:08 pm
enrage israel while still trying to harass them a little bit, if you will. also israel keeping a close eye to the northern part of the country. the border of syria, inside syria, prodemocracy demonstrators have been killed sometimes we are told by the hundreds. live ammunition used as the army and security forces try to put down the prodemocracy protests. again, in that country an iranian ally is difficult for the international news media to get in and get independent accounts or independent video out of it. the other place we are seeing real change in the region is the key he u.s. ally of yemen. al-qaeda already has a foothold in a part of that country in the arabian peninsula but today we are hearing that the president there who is an embattled strong man may be abouting to make changes and form a new government and new constitution. as we have seen with the concessions before in the arab world, shannon it may be the political equivalent of trying to put out a wildfire with
1:09 pm
nothing more than a water hose or gordon hose, if you will. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. the taliban claims to have kidnapped 150 afghan policemen it -- 50 afghan police men in the north part of the country. the men have reportedly just finished their training to join the national police force. >> the cherry blossoms here in washington are beautiful. they are supposed to be a sign of spring but the ones here in the nation's capital were dusted with snow this morning. rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center with the forecast for the entire country. hi, rick. >> i tell you the one thing that happens because snow this time of year is not going to last long so it will be gone quickly. look at this picture from ocean city, maryland. this is the beach. you are talking about spring and cherry blossoms and thinking about the beach and this is what it looks like there in ocean city, maryland,
1:10 pm
from the two or three inches across the area. major snow across the west. most of california is going to dry out and warm up this week but the storm track coming in is across parts of oregon and into washington. maybe still far, far northern california. you will dry out just a little bit. today a little moisture in across parts of the plain. nothing to worry about. this is really kind of anything that we are going to see that could be dangerous as you you cross the southeast to see the thunderstorms firing up here. certainly with hail and wind damage as a possibility. i don't think we will see much in the way of tornadoes but we can't rule that out either. and there is the know across the far mid atlantic areas and that is gone. severe weather will be the story for the day today stretched out from parts of arkansas over towards maybe savannah and charleston. folks in this area need to stay tuned all day. we will keep you updated from the fox weather center. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much.
1:11 pm
americans are paying tribute to former vice presidential nominee geraldine ferraro. she died yesterday from complications from blood cancer at the age of 75. in 19814, ferraro became the first female nominee on a ticket when walter mondale chose her as his running night. tune in tonight as 10:00 eastern as greta van susteren hosts our special coverage, he going ral dean celebration of life, tonight at 10:00. posted online despite a court order that barred its publication while legal challenges to its legitimacy are playing out. the legislative reference pure posted the law despite the cord order calling it a procedural step. but republican ares are now arguing that the step means the law is now in effect. the law strips most public employees of nearly all collective bargaining rights. connecticut earned its second final four berth in three years after beating arizona 65-63 last night.
1:12 pm
the huskies take on the winner of today's kentucky, north carolina, game. butler is making a return trip to the final four. the bulldogs rallied from 11 down to beat, florida 74-71. butler the first team to make back-to-back final four appearances without being ranked one or two in either year. they will play the winner of today's kansas /virginia commonwealth game. was the justice department strong arming the new york fire department? we'll have that story, right after this break. [ male announcer ] escape convention. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer.
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1:16 pm
>> shannon: business secretary says the government will not back down in the face of massive protests in london. 250,000 people shut down a central part of london saturday, protesting government spending cuts but the british business secretary told the bbc today the demonstrations against plans to cut $130 billion will not stop the decision to cut public sector jobs, raise the retirement age and cut welfare payments. well, the department of justice is asking a federal judge to force the fire department of new york city to hire, promote or pay damages to some minority applicants who failed the department's exams. in 2007 the doj filed a lawsuit claiming that the test unfairly
1:17 pm
impacted blacks and hispanics while allowing too many whites to advance. new york city is fighting back against the move saying is t. could cost taxpayers millions and put lives at risks. but is the doj plan the best way to right a wrong? joining us is the senior editorial writer for the washington times. he obtained the documents that lay out o the entire controversial plan. thanks for coming in today. >> thank you, shannon. glad to be here. >> shannon: this involves tests that were taken within the fire department in new york city. a lot of folks passed and a lot didn't. there was a mix but they found there was a disparate impact on minorities. we are talking about hiring, promotion and money to people that failed the test. a lot of people will see a problem with that. >> the problem is two fold. in order to try to fix it in the interim for interim hires, the department offered four different ways that those
1:18 pm
interim hires could be made. all four of them are strict racial quotas which goes against a number of supreme court precedents. the second is in order to determine who gets benefits, back pay, even damage payments the justice department just last month proposed an order to the judge that would let minorities that missed as much as 70% of these entrance exam questions still be eligible for damages and maybe even retroactive seniority. 70% they could miss and still be told oh, you should have been hired and here is what we are going to pay you because you weren't hired. >> shannon: we invited someone from the justice department to talk about this or have response. we did not get that. we are directed to a blog. here is what they had to say in reference to the case. the court found that the city test did not effectively measure the small fraction of skills they were intended to
1:19 pm
assess. they concluded applicants were excluded from consideration without many it wasn't that it was unfair. it wasn't as relevant as the two previous tests but even that skill set of standard if you could not do some basic things you were not allowed into the fire academy. the tests at issue here are trying to measure basic skills, basic abilities to see what is
1:20 pm
going on. the first 11 questions of one of the tests were open book showed a picture and said things like how many firemen are on the scene, on what floor is the person who is in danger. how many fire hydrants are there. so it tests a person's ability to look at a scene and take it in and react accordingly. and those are relevant skills. they are skills that you should be able to exhibit and yet the justice department would say you could miss 70% of those and still get in. >> shannon: very quickly i want to touch on another point because there is another case the justice department is involved with. the dayton police department in ohio and they have come to an agreement there with the civil service board to lower the scores that somebody needs to be eligible to become employed by the police department. there was such a strong reaction even from the naacp which lobbied and fought hard for civil rights for folks.
1:21 pm
they said "the naacp does not support individuals failing a test and then having the opportunity to be gainfully employed." very quickly, you see there is a common thread in some of the cases and what the justice department is doing with the tests. >> one common thread is the person leading the justice department work in it is loretta king. the same one that dismissed the new black panther case in philadelphia. the same one that was mostly responsible for the new york fire one. she is involved in the dayton one and every single thing that she is involved with has to do with something on thelines of rayial -- she is even involved in the north carolina case where she effectively told the black voter, the black majority that they weren't smart enough to choose how they would want to elect their own city council and they chose to have nonpartisan elections and she said no, that will not let you elect enough democrats and
1:22 pm
therefore we are going to throw out your own referendum. the common threat is loretta king. this is about public safety when it comes to the police department, the fire departments and especially with the new york fire department these are the heros of 9/11. they deserve a little more respect than they are getting from the justice department. >> shannon: and we will continue to watch this as it plays out because the case is not settled yet at least as far as the remedies of concerned. for the record, the justice department said that loretta king is functioning properly and they don't make any race based decision. we will keep an eye on let you know what the reaction is. have you ever wondered what a solar flare looks like. right now the sun is in the active phase of its 11 year solar weather cycle. this is one story that caught our attention on fox news .com. a lot of great news there. for the most popular stories check it out. go to fox news .com and click on the most read tab at the
1:23 pm
bottom of the page and you can see for yourself. after the break, warningses abouted massive radiation spike at japan's nuclear power plant turns out to be a mistake.rams, that is raising questions about what the government of japan is telling people about the nuclear situation. we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented streth, the stability of the leading community bank in thnation and wit12,000 atms andhousands obranches, we're with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank.
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sprint 4g, it's business without limits. trouble hearing on the phone? only on the now network. visit >> shannon: opposition forces in libya are celebrating after regaining control of another key city. peter doocy with the latest on libya and the other top headlines. >> rebels are pushing westward toward the capital after regaining control of a major oil eck port city in labia. libya. islamic militants now in control of a weapons factory in yemen. they also seized a nearby southern town. yemen has been in turmoil over the last few weeks with protests against the current president. operators at japan's troubled nuclear plant are saying radiation levels are higher than previously thought. officials say the radio activity level is ten million times higher than normal and those numbers were so alarming
1:28 pm
that workers were forced to evacuate before they could take a second reading. a murdered georgia police officer is being laid to rest today. officer elmer buddy christian was shot and killed on tuesday. the suspect in the deadly shooting 33-year-old jamie hood surrendered to police on saturday after taking several people hostage. those are the top stories right now, shannon. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. the mistake in japan that peter mentioned is causing concern about the reliability of information about the nuclear plants there. dominik dinatale is live in osaka with the details. hi, peter. >> shannon, the government and the tepco authority -- making mistake saying that radio active levels in the in the water there are 10 million times above level. they did have a revision with that with regard to reactor number two and they are saying
1:29 pm
there has been an increase in radio activity in the water there but this time by four times the safety level. now, that i has actually caused an evacuation of the plant yet again. workers are able to only go in for 15 minutes at a time to solve the problems and get the control room back online, making it a more protracted process especially when they don't know what the true levels really are. the government isn't exactly entirely sure what exactly the situation is and makes the job even more difficult for them to get the reactors certainly contained and eventually the cooling systems back online and the situation back to normal. i was speaking to a nuclear safety agency official earlier on today and he was telling me that hundreds of tons are water are now being pumped into the four trillioned nuclear reactors and at some point the highly radio active water has to be released into the environment. it has to go some where and that is going to cause a greater contamination scare. particularly when we don't know
1:30 pm
what the scale is now it will be hard for the government to explain how precisely it willle tackle the wider problem once they start to gain proper control of the situation, shannon. >> shannon: peter, thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. this is u.s. news but it is related to japan because now we are hearing from massachusetts health officials. this he found low concentration of radiation in rain water. they believe it may be connected to the radiation leak from japan's nuke power plants. they have tested air samples and say there is no problem with those. they are cautioning and saying there is no risk to public water supplies. they will continue to monitor water samples and we will keep folks updated. president obama will speak monday night at the national defense university at 7:30 eastern. he will talk about libya. it will be students and faculty and possibly lawmakers and cabinet members as well. we are hearing the address will
1:31 pm
run 25 minutes long. you can watch it live right here on the fox news channel. the president now facing criticism from both sides of the ail because of his actions in libya. what impact could have have on the reelection campaign and about what the gop contenders who want to make their move as well? let's bring in our panel to talk about it. also joining us, rob shapiro, former advisor for the campaign and transition for president obama. thank you both for coming in. >> pleasure to be here. >> what does the president do now with the criticisms? some are drawing parallels to his criticism of president w. bush, 43 about how he handled iraq and afghanistan and some say he is making the same move? >> i think what he does is succeed. the problem is not how you present it, the problem is what is the final result. i think the president has been clear about the goal of the policy.
1:32 pm
the policy is triggered by qaddafi's announcement that he was going to massacre his own people and use a modern army to do so. the president said this will not stand. the president said we are going to -- however, w are we are goo create a broad coalition of not only the european allies but also the arab states and the african league. this is pretty unprecedented for an attack on an african muslim country. he has the global support for this and the question is what is the outcome. i think if qaddafi remains in power the mission will not look like a success. if qaddafi falls from power it will be a success and it will be a demonstration of we could call it the obama doctrine or i'm sure the press will and that is a different way of addressing problems of terrible dictators who potentially could
1:33 pm
destablize a region and as opposed to the all out wars which was the doctrine of the bush administration. >> shannon: there are plenty of skeptics who say that despite talking about a broad coalition that the u.s. was no doubt in the lead in the initial air strikes and we are now transitioning to nato but a lot of money and a lot of our weaponry have been used there. how does the president tackle the perceptions and what does he say tomorrow night when speaks to the nation? >> he will be the president who begs for forgiveness instead of permission and you just heard rob say if everything turns out fine nobody is going to remember how it started. they will remember how it ended. i disagree. this president when he ran for president told the american people i will never enter into a military conflict without knowing how it is going to begin and how it is going to end. further more, i will never enter into a military conflict without the advice and direction that i get from congress even though i'm the commander in chief. he hasn't done that.
1:34 pm
that is why you see republicans and democrats disagree with the president because he violated all of the principles upon which he got elected. >> the principles as reinterpreted by a former member of the bush administration. the fact is every use of american military might is not a war. >> shannon: this isn't a war? >> this is not a war. >> shannon: some argue it is. >> shannon: this is limited military action. there will be no occupation. this is -- >> shannon: how long does it last? when would it become a war? >> well, i think, you know, i don't -- there is no fixed rule for that but i think as a general proposition if it is protracted it becomes a war. >> what does protracted mean? the president signed the war powers and he did it -- it is so impressive that the president starts a military action in brazil, the same country who abstained in the security council against him. >> he had a long planned diplomatic trip to south
1:35 pm
america. he carried out that trip and part of the signal was once again the united states is no longer the out of control cowboy in -- >> we are going to sub contract our troops to someone else. >> instead we build global coalitions and get the support of the arab world and the support of of a canadian a we support of europe.he >> yet we do the heavy lifting. >> shannon: stick around. panel has more to discuss. let's talk about this. the future of the long used in incandescent light bulb is dimming. as molly aguirr molly hennebere light bulb is in tee wai debate role of the government impact on your life. >> this some want to overturn
1:36 pm
legislation passed in 2007 and signed by president bush requiring all 100-watt incandescent light bulbs to be 0% more efficient by january 1. since that means higher production costs manufacturers in america have stopped making the traditional bulb. senator rand paul says it is insulting for the government to tell consumers what light bulbs they can buy. >> you don't care about my choices and the consumer frankly. you raise the cost of all of the items with all of the rules and all the notions that you know what is best for me. >> the cost will be higher. a 100-watt incan descent costs 60 cents and cfl costs $3.40. sense the cfls last 6 to 10 times longer they say this will benefit consumers. >> operating costs over time is cheaper and you are keeping
1:37 pm
money in your pocket. it won't be the same as today's technology, it will be more efficient and result in lower energy bills. >> president obama has praised companies that are developing more environmentally friendly lighting technologies. >> model of the future right here. this is how we will win the future. >> but one of the house gop opponents of the legislation says families don't want to pay more for light. >> it is not necessary and we don't think it makes economic senses at all. >> barton also says cfls pose a health risk because they contain small amounts of mercury. if one breaks the environmental protection agency has a list of cleanup instructions including get people and pets out of the room. air out the room for 5 to 0 minutes. shut off the heating and air conditioning system. put all bulb debris and cleanup materials outside in a trash container and the list goes on. you can still find the traditional bulbs in some
1:38 pm
plants for now. the last plant that made the bulks in the u.s. moved its operations to china. >> shannon: the storery had a lot of interest at home. let's start with you. this was passed during bush 43. what have you got to say? >> i think people should have the choice to purchase whatever kind of electrical appliances they need. i don't think it is for the government to have a date certain that they should be forced to buy a certain type of product. consumers: sometimes consumers have be pushed in the direction of doing the right thing. >> of course, they do. we talk about energy security and independence in this country and yet conservatives say that we shouldn't have to do anything for it. well, there are things you to do for it. here is something that makes economic sense over the long-term. each bulb saves money. tle save more money because energy is going to be increasingly expensive and
1:39 pm
these last 6 to 10 times as long. it was a sound regulation put in place by the most conservative administration of the century. and i support it. >> shannon: brad meanwhile will be hoarding the incan descent bulbs. >> that's right. >> college grads are getting creative when it comes to get iting jobs. casey stegall with more on that. >> that they are. entrepreneurship rates at a 15 year high. why more and more college kids are now going into business for themselves. that is up next in a live report here on "stand up to cancer." here -- in a live reportsoing here on america's news headquarters. to you by niaspan. so now your doctor's talking about plaque building up in your arteries -- she called it coronary artery disease. you think that's something you can just stick in an email and that's the end of it? do you know me? look, bonnie.
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1:44 pm
causing a central computer system to shut down. about 12,000 passengers were affected but the airline says some flights may still be delayed. they are asking you to please call alaska airlines if you are passenger at 1-800-252-7522, number there on the screen or go to their website at www. if before you head to the airport. a tough time to be a college grad. lack of work experience combined with high unemployment rates is prompting more and more grads to become young entrepreneurs. casey stegall is live from los angeles with more on that. hi, casey. >> good to see you. we know there is a tough job market in this country and that is really changing the way that college kids now have to go about getting jobs because, unfortunately, the odds are stacked against them. some pretty staggering statistics in fact coming from the u.s. department of labor statistics. unemployment rates among recent college grads have doubled in recent years. what is more, data from the
1:45 pm
initialization 86 of colleges and employers show that job offers to new grads dropped 20% between '08 and '09. analysts say it is no surprise that more and more students are going into business for themselves. entrepreneurship rates at 15-year high for college grads of all ages. >> our young people are willing to take risks earlier in life than later. and it is not that they want it now, they want responsibility now. but there is a generation of young people that feel they can do the world more good sooner rather than later. >> now, casey lynch and mike brown just graduated from ucla business school in 2009 and took full advantage of the new business climate. they started a construction company right here in southern, california, that retrofits mostly residential real estate with green materials and they know it is a gamble. >> well, there is no, no
1:46 pm
substitute for elbow grease. we have no safety net. it is when a guy has got his back up against the wall he is forced to go to work every day and do what he has to do to make it happen. >> now, according to the small business administration, about half of new businesses fail within the first four years. but it is a risk that more and more young people are now willing to take. shannon? >> shannon: very much the backbone of america and our economy. casey stegall, thank you very much. well, years ago, then senator obama was critical of president george w. bush about how he was handling the wars in iraq and afghanistan. now, president obama is facing some of the same criticism from within his own party. congressman dennis kucinich joins us live right after the break. >> people should read the constitution and look at article one. look at section 8. the founders put the war powers in the hands of the congress. look at article two. that deals with the executive.
1:47 pm
there is nothing in there that gives the president the power to commit our troops to war. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ with the rising price of fuel, guess which way shipping costs are going? the u.s postal service has no fuel surcharges. combine that with low online pricing...
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>> shannon: earhere are some of the top stories we are following right now on america's news headquarters. as rebels push back today
1:51 pm
against qaddafi forces nato will decide whether to expand its air strikes over libya. the u.s. has been leading limited strikes the last week. so far, reports on the ground suggest the air strikes have been tipping the balance back in favor of the rebels. syria's army back in the streets across the country after 12 people killed in a sea side town. unknown armed elements attacked neighborhoods, shooting from roof tops. eyewitness say they are most likely is supporters of the syrian regime. and 7 is a very lucky number for a group of new york state government workers. that is how many of them are going to split the $319 million they won in friday's mega millions. they bought the ticket from a store in albany. those are some of our top stories for right now. congressman dennis kucinich is not shy about his feelings when it comes to u.s. action in libya. he called the involvement a
1:52 pm
"blunder" and raised the question about whether or not it amounts to an impeachable offense. do you think it is possible it is an impeachable offense? but secondly, do you think that would actually play out? >> to the first part of your question, there is no question the president exceeded his constitutionally authorized authority. the answer to the second part of your question is no, there is not going to be an impeachment. but there has to be brought forward to the american people a discussion about what a president is permitted to do under any circumstances. in this case, there wasn't -- there had not been an actual threat to the united states of america. the president wasn't authorized by congress to take the action that he did. it doesn't matter it was authorized by the u.n. it doesn't matter that he checked with the arab league. he has to follow the
1:53 pm
constitution. >> shannon: congressman do you consider or would you classify this as a war? >> of course, it as war. think about it. we had over 120 cruise missiles, bombing raids, particularring out tanks, even -- taking out tanks, even knocking out or killing a number of military cadets. admiral mullen the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff before all this just at the inception of this attack on libya told david gregory on meet the press that it is a war. we don't have to quibble about it. i heard your previous guest. you can't gloss this over or pape territories over. it is a war. it is going to cost this country billions of dollars. according to one estimate we may have spent a billion in the first week and now a discount war because we are paying 25% of nato's expenses. so this is a nightmare for our military. a nightmare for the taxpayers and it exposes the united states to even more security problems because we are in wars in iraq and afghanistan and now
1:54 pm
libya. >> shannon: and congressman, i understand you will propose a measure or something in the works that would ban federal funding going towards military operations in libya. tell us more about it and do you have any fears that it would wind up impacting our men and women in a negative way since they are tasked with carrying out at least a portion of the operations there? >> first of all, we don't want our troops on the ground there, that is number one. the president said that odd. wouldn't happen. we need to move now to cut off funds while most of the action is being done in the air and at sea. and so congress has the authority ultimately under the constitution to say no to the war by cutting off fund its and i already have talked to many members of congress who are on board. congressman ron paul, walter jones, congressman tim johnson all republicans are supporting it. there are more members who i will be in touch with as we return this week. i think congress needs to take a strong stand on this.
1:55 pm
>> shannon: congressman den kucinich we always appreciate your time. we will watch and see how that pleasure plays out in the house. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: after the break, one of the world's largest sharks. check the size of that thing out. more video, right after the break. of what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™
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1:59 pm
an ohio man got a time-warner cable bill for $16.4 million. he joked that he did want to watch the sweet 16 ncaa tournament but he didn't think it would cost him a million dollars per team. time-warner says human errors to blame for the bill. someone typed in the wrong amount and they are working on resolving the issue. while most people in this situation would quickly get as far away as possible from this fish, one kayaker got up close to a massive basking shark in panama city beach, florida. they are the second largest species of sharks in the world but i'm told they are harmless to humans. still, i would not want to stick around and check that out. to put this in perspective, that kayak is 14 feet long. that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. you do not want to miss chris wallace's exclusive interview with newt gingrich. he will discuss rumors of

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